Because I work for myself. My “office” changes almost daily.  Sometimes I work from home, other days, its from a coworking space, other days its in an airport or in a coffee shop or on set at a photoshoot.

I’ve used a tablet for work in the past but my last tablet ended up being Kensington’s favourite game and video device because a tablet alone didn’t give me the full functionality that I get from a laptop or PC. I recently received a Microsoft Surface Pro by my friends at Best Buy Canada and I LOVE that it is essentially the best of both worlds (tablet and laptop). Here are 3 reasons why you should consider buying one from Best Buy this Black Friday!

  1. You can seamlessly move between tablet and PC functions AKA it is truly the best of both worlds. The Surface Pro has a touch screen that you can use to zoom in on images and text or to scroll up and down pages, but when it is time to type something in or edit a document, you can jump right into it by using the key board or activating the touch screen keyboard on the tablet.
  2. It has a LOOOONG battery life. My job takes me to some of the most random places.  I’ve had to shoot content on a streetcar, take important calls while shooting at a warehouse or I’ve been in random places where a plug or charging station is inaccessible or very inconvenient. You and I both know that there is nothing worse than positioning yourself in an uncomfortable or random corner so that you are close to a charging outlet. With the Surface Pro, you can play video for 13 hours straight without having to charge it.  For me this is a major key because it means that I can work a full business day without worrying about it dying.
  3. If you buy the additional upgrades it will make your life even easier. Although the Surface Pro functions as a laptop with a touchscreen keyboard, you can step your surface game all the way up by purchasing the keyboard and stylus pen to go with it. It makes taking notes and typing that much easier and if you will be using it daily, it is totally worth the investment.
  4. It is slim, sleek, stylish and compact and will upgrade any outfit (as evidenced by the photo below)!


This blog post was created in partnership with Best Buy Canada, however all words and ideas are my own.


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  1. December 11, 2019 / 11:24 am

    I am not very into or knowledgeable with technology so this post definitely helped me a lot !

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