I’ve been going to Best Buy a lot lately to find things that will make life easier and my household more efficient. I find it’s the best place to go to find cool, convenient new gadgets. My most recent addition is definitely a favourite. We bought The Ring and with the Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, I’m able to keep a virtual eye on my doorstep from anywhere in the world.

It gives me a 1080p resolution view of my front door so I can spot visitors and deliveries with ease; it’s like an HD peephole I can check any time or place. Wi-Fi capability sends the crystal-clear image straight to my smartphone or tablet, and the Ring works with a wide range of devices and systems including Android, iOS, Windows 10, Mac OS and more. The doorbell also comes with two-way audio/visual communication, so you can let visitors know you’ll be right there while scrambling to get dressed—don’t lie, I can’t be the only one!

Thanks to advanced infrared sensors, the Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell works day or night. The night vision technology allows me to clearly see and identify visitors in the dark—a handy feature that has really made my husband and I feel more secure. What’s more? The Live View feature gives us on-demand picture and sound so we can watch our property remotely. As someone who receives a ton of packages, this has been a lifesaver. Gone are the days of letting your valuables sit out unmonitored and vulnerable on the porch. Built-in motion detectors can sense activity and shoot me a phone alert nudging me to check the video. One quick glance and I can text hubby and ask him to bring my packages safely inside.

As if all that weren’t enough, keep reading for four more reasons why the Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is the “ring” you never knew you needed:

Capture cute moments

In addition to spotting visitors and deliveries, the Ring allows you to create and capture fun, candid moments with friends and family. With Kensington, she insists on ringing the doorbell every day when she comes home and I just love going through the videos when I need a pick me up.

Two sleek, stylish finishes

For me, style is just as important as function; with the Ring, I don’t have to sacrifice either. The doorbell comes in two interchangeable faceplates—satin and venetian—so you can match your home.

Easy installation

The Ring comes with a complimentary tool kit for easy, no muss, no fuss installation.


A weather-resistant design means your video doorbell is built to last. The Ring is certified for long-term outdoor use and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20C to 40C without incurring damage.

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This blog was created in partnership with Best Buy Canada. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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