Today was Toronto’s first snow fall and I’m still a bit in denial.  I feel like I was wearing crop tops and sun hats about a week ago.  It is November so I guess it is to be expected.

Just in case you aren’t prepared for the inevitable Winter that is upon us, I’ve rounded up my favourite puffer jackets.  My love for puffer jackets is real and I’m so happy that some of my favourite puffer jacket styles from the 90s are back in style! I live in Canada so when its really cold, I wear my goose down Canada Goose jacket to keep me warm.  But there are days where its cold, but not so cold that you can’t still look cute.

Puffer Jackets are the perfect solution for days like that. I have a metallic one, two cute black ones and I just picked up a cobalt blue one from H&M.  The jackets in my round up are priced at about $100 US or less (give or take) and if you order quickly you’ll have your puffer in your closet before today’s snow melts.

Are you guys here for Winter or nah? I’m still undecided – but at least I’ll look cute!

This is a photo of the puffer I’m wearing in the photo above (more shots of me in that puffer are below) – this one is cute, but honestly, it’s more of a fall transition jacket (aka, its not very warm).

I love this camo puffer from forever 21

My metallic obsession is real, so this gold puffer obviously made the list.

Love this red puffer with the tie details

This Vinyl Puffer is EVERYTHING!

I just bought this blue puffer from H&M – can’t wait to wear it.

Puffer’s don’t have to be waist length. I’m loving this Long Line puffer from ASOS.

This cobalt blue puffer from Boohoo is FIRE!

You can get this metallic silver Jacket on Shein and on Ebay. — I also have this one too!

… and last but not least, here are more photos of me in the black puffer that I got online.


  1. November 10, 2017 / 5:09 pm

    Girl I have the red boohoo one and I am thinking about getting it in blue!

    • torontoshay
      November 10, 2017 / 5:10 pm

      I️ have my eye on the blue too!

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