Stop the press! Seriously, how dope is this? One of my looks was featured by InStyle!

InStyle Mag has to be one of my all-time favourite fashion mags. It has a regular series called #InspiredbyInstyle, which is where readers have the chance to submit their personal interpretation of a look they spotted in its pages with the opportunity of being featured! If you’re an Instagram fashionista, you might even recognize the popular hashtag #InspiredbyInstyle.

Before I started, I was ‘insta-blogging’ like crazy. I did street style shoots, I documented my travels, and I shared tidbits of my life on Instagram and Facebook to gauge whether a blog would actually work for me or not.

I posted photos of outfits, shared bits of my life and I was pleasantly surprised and grateful to see that they received love online, which prompted me to submit a few of my favourite looks to Instyle…turns out it wasn’t just my Instagram friends who loved them, they did too!

After recently checking InStyle again, I noticed that the #InspiredByInstyle series has either been discontinued or it’s on a bit of a hiatus, but not to worry because, Glamour, Cosmo and People Style Watch all have similar features too.

You should submit your looks too! You just never know!

You’ll notice that I’ve posted a few more pics below. These are all looks from the same shoot. These particular photos hold a special place in my heart (Us Pisces are sentimental like that). They were from my first shoot ever in the cobblestone streets of Soho during NYFW. Special thanks goes to my ultra-talented bestie, Tania C, who styled the shoot, and the oh-so-gifted Denisse Benitez (@Thugnanny_ on Insta) who executed the shoot and did an absolutely fabulous job. I had so much fun at this shoot and I actually credit this for inspiring me to give this whole blogging thing a whirl!

I’m wearing:

What do you think of this look? Will you be at Fashion week this year?

Catch ya later!

TorontoShay xo


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