Like most working moms I keep a full schedule.

Add the fact that I work full-time and run an online business, and you’ll understand why some days seem to never end. I have no complaints. I love my life and I’m grateful for my busy schedule. When I’m not working, creating content, or being a wife and mom, you’ll catch me doing something to unplug for a bit. One of the things I love most is binging on one of my favorite shows.

These days I’m crushing on a TV series called Workin’ Moms. The title definitely caught my attention. I figured a show that describes my life has to be something I can relate to. I dove right into season 1 and was hooked, moved on to season 2 and wasn’t disappointed, and now season 3 has me laughing out loud as soon as Kensington goes to sleep.

For those of you who have never seen Workin’ Moms, allow me to introduce you. It’s a show that features the lives of workin’ moms from the most authentic perspective I’ve seen on TV. Some of the moms are married, some are single, some are entrepreneurs, and some work a 9-5. Some of the moms have multiple children, one is pregnant, and one of the women is working to start a family for the first time. That pretty much covers every kind of mom in the world. No matter where you are on your journey through motherhood, the show covers something that will make you say “me too.” It also carefully covers some of the difficult aspects of just being a woman like betrayal, financial issues, and sexual assault in a way that’s easy to digest.

Workin’ Moms is one of those shows that makes you laugh, think, and have something to bond with your girlfriends over. That’s what I really love about the show. There’s this theme of community. No mom is on her own. She always has a friend, mentor, and cheerleader close by. The other theme that probably resonates with me the most is embracing one’s personal identity. As moms, we can get lost in our title and sometimes forget that we are more than just someone’s mother. These workin’ moms are serious about motherhood, but also about taking care of their own personal needs and staying true to who they are.

From Kate and the hilarious relationship she has with her own mother, to Anne (who I can see will have some series issues this season) and Frankie (with her big heart,) the characters of Workin’ Moms will have you hooked.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Tune into CBC on Thursdays at 9/9:30NT to watch new episodes of Workin’ Moms, and stream past episodes here on CBC Gem.

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