As women, we are so connected to our hair. Its our crown. Our halo.  Its the mane that gives us presence and the signature we leave behind.  I’ve always admired women who have the strength to cut it all off and stand confidently in the realest, most raw version of their beauty.  One of those women happens to be my sister and in today’s guest confession she’s sharing why she cut it all off (more than once) and how it changed her life.

The complexity of my complexion

Growing up in a predominantly white city I was often ridiculed for my complexion. My melanin was compared to the ugliest of things. It gave me a slight complex in my younger years. Thank God I had parents who always told me I was beautiful. My dad used to tell me he was happy he was as dark as me and that I had a beautiful ebony complexion like my late grandfather’s.  My mom and her friends used to bring home magazines with dark skin females who made a living being beautiful. Naomi Campbell, Beverly Johnson, Iman, Beverly Peele, and of course GRACE JONES!

They all inspired me in some way or another but Grace Jones stood out. I loved that she made her own rules. Walked to the beat of her own drum. No one could define her. Even as young I was, I saw that as freedom.

Seeing beauty in baldness

At 10 years old I remember how I felt about Sinead O’Connor… No matter how many times the ‘Nothing Compares’ video would air, I was captivated. She was different. She didn’t sound like anyone else, dress like anyone else, or look like anyone else. 

I have ‘big chopped’ 3 times. The first time was because I chemically straightened my hair and half of it ended up in the sink.  The second time was when my late father was sick. At the time I had dread locks down to the middle of my back  and he HATED them!  So I shaved them off for him ❤️. Part of me thought that would save him. It obviously didn’t but it made a man that was so sick, so sad, in so much pain smile. I would lay down beside him and he’d rub my head and tell me how beautiful I looked. Small sacrifice…

New fade, who dis?

Rebellious and confident are two words that people use to describe me. Those are also the characteristics I see in the people I find admirable. I find beauty in those who try things that others would never attempt. I admire those who seek no approval.

My most recent big chop was done because I felt I was losing parts of myself that I took the most pride in. I was hiding behind my hair! I was getting too… comfortable.  So I decided to shave it all off, face life head on, shoulders back, chest high, with a lean in my strut. That’s who I am! Judgement is a part of life. Period. You can’t avoid it!! I’m not the type to stand in anyone’s shade to stay cool. I’m loud, I’m drastic, and spontaneous. And so is my fade.


LaToya Ingleton

LaToya is an Aquarius/Capricorn cusp, mother of two and    resides in Calgary, Canada.

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  1. Claudia
    June 16, 2017 / 4:45 pm

    So beautiful and empowering!!

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