The world has slowed down and for the first time in history, people around the world are in lock step doing the same thing. Staying home and staying safe to prevent the spread of COVID 19. With that said, there are parents all around the world looking for things to do to help keep their children occupied and sane. Below are a few options that worked for us!

1. Make Milk Monsters – Making Milk Monsters is a fun and easy exercise that you can do from home with your little one, using bits and bobs around the house and an empty milk carton. We made our milk monster using construction paper, and coloured pipe cleaners!

2. Baking Cookies – Baking cookies is something that is always fun and exciting for kids every step of the way is interesting and it is something that they can help you with along the way! Kensington’s favourite part is eating the cookies (obviously).

3. Make Food Fun – Animal face Toast Kensington is a picky eater and unless the food is interesting or fun in some way, she’s not interested in eating her food in a timely fashion. Happy face animal toast is fun and easy and only requires a toaster, simple fruit, spreads and condiments around the house and an imagination!

4. Make Food Fun – Happy Faced Grilled CheeseGrilled cheese sandwiches have been one of our go to snacks during the quarentine and there is no better way to spunk them up for kids than to add happy faces to them. It gets them every time!

5. Impromptu dance parties! – This one is a no brainer! Kensington loves dancing to Hip Hop, Punk Rock music or any of the songs from her favourite shows and movies (Paw Patrol and Frozen).

6. Drawing and colouring – This one is also very simple and easy and will capture your little one’s attention for at least 15-20 minutes. Its also therapeutic for moms and dads too!

7. Story time – We do this before bed already but adding in additional story time during the day is always helpful.

8. Going for a drive – Going for a drive is one of Kensington’s favourite things to do. When we start to feel caged in, we hop in the car and go for a drive around the city. Kensington usually falls asleep when this happens and then we get some much needed personal time until she wakes up.


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