In one of my recent blog posts, I discussed some of the latest innovations from LG, including the appliances that would soon make our epic laundry room renovation possible! Well, we’ve since received our new 5.8 cu.ft. Mega Capacity AI Front Load Washer and 7.4 cu.ft. Mega Capacity Front Load Electric Dryer with AI Dry, in addition to some LG laundry accessories. Needless to say, our laundry room is not only complete – it’s the high-tech, ultra-efficient oasis I’ve always dreamed of!

One of the most important features of this new line of laundry appliances is its impact on the longevity of clothing. You know me – I love my clothes, so I want to keep them in-tact! I think we all want to keep our wardrobes looking bright and new as long as possible, but the reality is, 34% of Canadians* don’t know how to properly read fabric-care labels, and two-in-ten Canadians* have ruined an item of clothing due to improper laundering. This takes a toll not only on our wallets, but the environment too! So, to bring awareness to some cutting-edge AI-led technology that learns your fabrics’ needs for you, I’m dedicating a blog post to it.

The LG AI Front Load Washer and Dryer takes the guesswork out of proper fabric care. The washer works like this: by selecting the Normal Cycle, the Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™ (AIDD) motor senses the fabric softness and weight of the load. Then, it draws from twenty-thousand(!) data points to further optimize and adjust the wash pattern for the optimal wash. It even automates detergent; the ezDispense Cartridge feature detects and adds the exact amount of liquid detergent and fabric softener that each load needs – all at precise times throughout each cycle. I love that this feature can hold up to 18 loads before needing a refill, which removes the clutter of detergent from its usual spot at the top of my washer! 

One thing I love about the laundry pair is the TWINWash™pedestal washer, which makes doing small loads a breeze.

As for the dryer, the LG Front Load Dryer with AI Dry has Smart Pairing™, meaning it can automatically select a compatible drying cycle based on the washer load. Yeah, it’s smart! Of course, it wouldn’t be high-tech if it didn’t all connect to my Amazon Alexa and phone via the LG ThinQ® mobile app. I get notifications when detergent is running low and when loads are finished, and I can check the status of my laundry while I’m running an errand! When it’s needed, I’ll get a ping as soon as routine maintenance is required, too.

If you’re interested in leveling up in your laundry routine, I highly recommend that you consider this game-changing duo from LG. It can extend the life of your clothes by 15%**, eliminate those costly shrunken-sweater disasters and ultimately save time and money. Isn’t that what our appliances are supposed to do? 

Follow the links to learn more about my new laundry appliance obsessions: the LG AI Front Load Washer and Dryer Both can be purchased at all major appliance retailers. Check www.LG.cafor the MSRP. For another rave review, check out this article from Elle Canada highlighting the product.

Wishing you happy, high-tech laundry days ahead! 

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*Based on an LG Canada omnibus survey conducted by Leger

** Based on independent testing by Intertek comparing LG models WM4500HBA and WM3900HWA in normal cycle with 8 pounds of clothes. Results may differ depending on load composition and environmental factors

Disclaimer: This post was developed in partnership with LG Canada; however, all opinions are my own.


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