Growing up as the child of a Caribbean mother, cleaning has always been in my bones. From hygiene to housework, cleanliness was next to Godliness and my mom instilled that lesson in all of us early on. Because chores were a family activity, I inherited my mother’s special brand of enthusiasm for tidiness. I especially remember doing the laundry together – washing, drying and folding clothes as the house filled with music to help the time pass. I remember laundry day as a time of calm and togetherness, a reset button for the upcoming week. I remember the sweet smells of fresh linen, and the feeling of pride and accomplishment as the stacks of clean clothes piled up. 

Laundry day can be a bit of a drag for some, but for me it brings back those cherished childhood memories. While the feelings have remained the same, my methods have changed drastically. As I came into adulthood and became responsible for my own family’s laundry, I dropped traditional powder and liquid detergent for Tide PODS. I can still remember when they debuted and how they were the most amazing thing ever! The cute, compact laundry pacswere such a convenient replacement to liquid and powder detergent in their clunky boxes and bottles. I saw the first Tide PODS advertisement almost 10 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! 

Fast-forward to today and Tide is still innovating with the brand-new Tide POWER PODS. Formulated with concentrated ingredients for deeper cleaning of larger laundry loads, Tide POWER PODS contain 50% more cleaning power than Tide Original Liquid. The POWER PODS surpass their predecessor, the original Tide PODS, penetrating deep into fibers to break down those stubborn, set-in stains, lift them off fabrics and keep them from redepositing onto clothes. One POWER POD contains more cleaning ingredients than two regular Tide PODS and has 25% more stain fighters to attack impossible stains like grease, oil and wine. Suffice to say, Tide continues to innovate and upgrade to deliver that same laundry day love I need! 

Not convinced? Below are five reasons why I turn to the new Tide POWER PODS for my family’s fresh best: 

1. Save on time!

Quarantine or not, I’m a busy woman! As a mompreneur, I’m constantly juggling running a thriving business, caring for Kensington, tending to my marriage and maintaining my home. While I love laundry, it’s a real time-suck and I need every spare minute I can get. Luckily, Tide POWER PODS are designed to work on tough set-in stains even on the quick cycle. They also manage larger loads of clothes with ease – just one POWER POD can wash up to 21lbs of laundry at a time! This means I get through my laundry quickly and efficiently, freeing up time in my schedule for everything else on the agenda. 

2. Save on product!

Tide PODS and Tide POWER PODS come in brilliantly premeasured pacs to make sure you use just the right amount of detergent – no more, no less! Liquids and powders are messy, and we often end up eyeballing our best guestimate of how much detergent to use. With the PODS, it’s super easy: one regular Tide POD for regular sized loads and one Power PODfor large or heavily-soiled loads. By using only what is necessary each time, you save your product and your money. 

3. Defeat the toughest stains

If you’re busy like me, laundry day often gets delayed by a hectic schedule. Unfortunately, this extra time gives some stains the opportunity to really settle and sink in. What might have been easy to wash immediately after a spill can turn into an absolute nightmare after a few days. As the mother of a toddler, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way! 

Craft-time with Kensington or even lunch time gone array can result in piles of clothes with the most stubborn stains. I’ve even been guilty myself of spilling some wine or getting the dreaded lipstick smudge on the collar of a shirt. Thankfully, Tide POWER PODS are designed for these kinds of tough stains, caked-on dirt and even foul odors. Even if I can’t get to them right away, I don’t sweat it because my POWER PODS get the job done in one wash every time. 

4. Maintain clothing quality

As a fashion-enthusiast, my clothes are a big part of my life and my job – it’s important to me that they hold up well over time. Tide POWER PODS provide a deep-clean while still maintaining original brightness and whiteness to help my clothes look better longer. They are tough on stains while also containing ingredients that’s help to keep garments looking great wash after wash.meaning I’m able to uphold the integrity of my clothes. This allows me to get multiple wears out of my favorite items, and ultimately creates greater clothing longevity!

POWER PODS are designed with a variety of components to ensure that the integrity of your clothing is upheld. Builders reduce water hardness to allow surfactants to remove stains. Chelants bind to heavy metal ions in wash water like iron and copper, which may damage fabrics over time. Scavengers tackle the chlorine found in municipal tap water, which can damage and fade clothes with time. Finally, polymers prevent stains from re-depositing onto other garments after they’ve been removed by surfactants, and cold-water enzymes help keep bright colors vibrant when washing in cold water.  

5. Smaller carbon footprint

Finally, as someone who cares just as much about the environment as her wardrobe, I was ecstatic to learn about Tide’s environment-friendly innovations. Tide PODS and POWER PODS have a smaller carbon footprint than liquid detergent, making them the safer and more responsible choice!

Try Tide POWER PODS for your family’s next laundry day. For more details, please visit:

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