At the beginning of the pandemic, I, like so many of us, set out to turn my house into a work-from-home oasis. Even though there is a light at the end of this tunnel, a lot of changes that 2020 brought us are here to stay, and working from home is one of them. So is connectivity, which is why I was so excited when LG offered to let me try the LG VELVET™ 5G, a super-fast, extremely connected new device that utilizes 5G technology. This sleek, lightweight phone promised the potential to help create my seamless, work-from-home dream environment, so I was eager to see how it worked.

When I received the phone, I took to it quickly. It’s veryergonomic (a nice relief from heavier smartphones), which definitely made creating content easier on me. I had a blast playing with and learning it (check out my IG post* to see the fun video it helped me create!) and after spending a few days with it, I was genuinely impressed. 

LG invited me to this year’s LG x CES 2021 event — which is usually held in Las Vegas but was virtual this year — to check out more about the new technology LG is rolling out this year

This event did not disappoint! I left inspired. I felt like I was witnessing a new generation of technology, ranging from UV light disinfectors (think a robot vaccum that sanitizes with light!) to self-learning AI kitchen appliances to the highest-res images that you can imagine on screen. Through the interactive LG Virtual Product Experience, I could get up close and personal with the latest product offerings, and by the end, I couldn’t help but want a few of them for myself!

To be fair, the Smith household was already in desperateneed of a new washer/dryer unit, so I partnered with LG to test drive the 5.8 cu.ft. Mega Capacity AI Front Load ThinQ® Washer, the 7.4 cu.ft. Mega Capacity Front Load ThinQ® Electric Dryer with AI Dry (for small loads), the TWINWashTM Pedestal Washer, and finally, the Laundry Pedestal – Black Stainless Steel (for storage). Stay tuned for more on that in an upcoming blog post! 

Once I settle in with our new laundry room appliances, I’m planning a complete kitchen appliance renovation this summer with the LG InstaView Range (with a built-in air fryer!), LG QuadWash Dishwaster with TrueSteam, and LG NeoChef Countertop Microwave with Smart Inverter and EasyClean. And the one I’m the most excited about: the LG InstaView Refrigerator, which earned LG one of its many CES innovation awards this year (you just double tap on the door to see inside, keeping your food fresher longer and saving energy — it’s genius).

While I’ll definitely be prioritizing my laundry room and kitchen, a couple other of my favourite products from CES 2021 were:

The LG CordZero and Charging Station

I love a clean house, and I love anything that makes the job of cleaning more thorough and efficient. This next-generationstick vacuum delivers advanced cleaning results for every type of floor. The charging station stand even automatically cleans out the dustbin for you and recharges the vacuum quickly between uses. No more tripping on cords! 

LG UV Robot: Perhaps the most impressive innovation yet is LG’s autonomous robot that uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) 1 light to disinfect spaces three-dimensionally. LG plans to offer the UV robot to hospitality, retail, corporate and education customers in the United States in early 2021. I can’t wait to see these things rolling around public spaces, and am so thankful for technology like this that keeps us healthy and safe. 

The LG G1 OLED TV: This TV makes you wonder whether you are staring at a screen or a gallery art piece. If you are an art enthusiast, this is a must-have in your home, especially if you find it hard to commit to that one central piece in a room. This innovation makes it easy to switch out your art seasonally — or as often as you’d like! This TV is a premium 4K model with an ultra-thin form factor and brand-new upgraded OLED evo display technology. The picture on these things is so vivid, it looks like real art. My favourite part is that this TV sits perfectly flat against the wall, just like a picture frame. This TV comes with next-generation AI platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

I had a great time nerding out at LG x CES 2021. I was ecstatic to see a future filled with products that prioritize health, wellness, cleanliness, efficiency, multi-space use, and space-saving technology. These are all trends I’ll be happy to see stick around for good beyond 2021. 

If this last year taught me anything, it’s that life is too short for subpar technology. Balancing a career, parenthood and marriage has shown me that there is no room for spotty connectivity and inefficient appliances in my life! I’m thankful for the latest innovations and the opportunity to make things easy on myself — and LG has definitely raised the bar for 2021.


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