Cynthia Andrew is an Attorney and the blogger behind  Cynthia, (a cancer), shares why she loves blogging, why she loves being an attorney and why she wants to continue doing both.

Name: Cynthia Andrew

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Tell us a bit about your career and how long you have been doing what you do?

I’m an attorney and worked in trusts and estates litigation before recently transitioning into Compliance work

Tell us about

My blog is where I share what I love – food, fashion, travel, music – life!!! It’s a happy space- if you just want to daydream a little with me

When did you start blogging and why did you start?

I started purely as a hobby, a little pastime way back when – 2009 maybe, wasn’t serious – I needed a creative escape from work. I was going through a tough time, wasn’t sure if I enjoyed where I was and what I was doing and blogging was a distraction, a hobby and really a blessing.

Where did you go to school and what did you study?

I went to Stony Brook university in Long Island for undergrad and I went to Fordham Law and fordham Business school for grad school- I have both my JD and Masters in Media Management. Law school was first – I did not complete simultaneously.

Has your role as a blogger/influencer helped you be more effective at your career? Has it hindered you in any way?

Doing both blog and career requires being a multitasker. I have had to super organized or at least I try to be. I use my communication skills, and negotiating in both realms. I have to thank blogging and the opportunities it has offered me for increasing my self esteem.

What advice would you give to someone interested in blogging as a side hustle?

Make sure you really want to do both – it’s not easy – u will be tired – I do both because I love both. If I wasn’t fulfilled in my career, I would quit and just do blogging. I believe they both satisfy different aspects of my personality. I would say find a support system – inside and outside of blogging. Many bloggers do more than one hustle until they get so successful to leave one. Point is, there’s plenty of great advice and tips available.

What would you say to someone thinking of blogging full time?

If you’re blogging full time, it means you want to make money. If that’s the case- then Think about your platform – why do you want to do it, how do you plan on doing it and what do you want to get out of it?

Then think about your responsibilities – rent, student loans, car payments, health insurance – map that out. What do you really need?

So few bloggers start and are immediately profitable, but there is a real space for making a living out of this and a good one at that. It requires real planning and treating this as a business. Tracking the hours and time you spend on projects, tracking your expenditures- cost of photography, hosting a site, buying supplies, attending events etc.

When you treat it with the respect of a full business, how you work, what you work on and how you spend your time will be what can really help in your ultimate success. P.s. there’s rarely much new under the sun, learn and be inspired by others and ask them questions

Thanks so much for sharing Cynthia!

TorontoShay xo 


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