I’m sure I was a rocker in my former life; well I’d like to think so anyway…I wear rocker tees to death, and more often than not you’ll find me sporting a rocker tee with a bevy of different ensembles. 

I wear rocker tees for the love and look of them AND sometimes I love the band (kind of), but if I’m going to be completely honest, these two things don’t always occur at the same time. 

In fact, I didn’t realize how passionate people could be on this particular topic until my husband asked me to name two members of the Ramones (while I was wearing their tee) – And of course, I froze *blank stare*


I mean, I know some of their hit songs; “I wanna be sedated” being one of my favourites! That counts for something, right? But in all honestly, the band’s greatness didn’t impact my purchasing decision. It was more about the colours of the shirt, and how they would highlight the Ruby Woo on my lips. This for many, my hubby included, was and is considered to be pure and utter blasphemy…

so sue me…

My Instagram friends also had a lot to say on the topic. Where do you stand? I’d love to know!

Scroll down for my outfit details and additional pics.


Shot by Jess Baumung in Yorkville  ❤️



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