Some of my best memories are of me and my friends growing up, hanging out, having fun, and laughing out loud together (90s style).  I am grateful for those memories.  They will stay with me forever but if I am going to be 100% honest, I have to say that it would have been great to have captured more of that fun and those laughs with a photo.


There are so many awesome memories and experiences that happened, pre-smart phone era that will remain just that, memories because so much of it was never captured. We spend so much time with our friends. How awesome is it that technology allows us to capture all of our favourite moments, and even share some of them in real time? I spend so much time with my besties – they keep me grounded and they are a nice little escape when things are stressful at home or at work. If you were to witness our fun, you’d see at least one or all of us (who am I kidding?!) with our phone out, capturing our laughs, crazy stories, and personal milestones.  Case in point is this moment with Sasha Exeter, where we are riding on roller-skates for the first time since grade school. My smart phone came through for the win, capturing even some moments that even we didn’t realize happened! Now we will be able to look back and remember this fun filled and crazy day together forever. The convenience of having a memory catcher in the palm of your hands is amazing. 


I hear some people expressing their fear of technology threatening genuine human interaction or complaints of things like social media taking the place of real life. I don’t think technology or social media, in itself, is a threat. When used to document life and revisit fond memories, smart phones can inspire people to stay connected. 


I’m certain you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t own a phone these days.  But just in case you need an upgrade, head out to The Mobile Shop at select store locations across Canada where PC products are sold, choose from their full selection of the latest smart phones and rate plans from major carriers, and you could even earn hundreds of PC Optimum points just for shopping there! They have trusted advisors waiting to help you pick the best phone and plan for your needs.


Now I’m no phone expert. But when you get to The Mobile Shop to purchase your new smart phone, get one with a really good camera, make sure you have a plan with a ton of data, and buy enough storage for you to download all of your favorite apps.  Once you get all set up, start snapping, shooting, and saving all of your best moments with your best friends.  Every moment that counts can be captured. Go make memories!

This blog post was written in partnership with The Mobile Shop however all thoughts are my own.

All photos taken by Denisse Benitez (@chasingdenisse) – Selfie taken by me ❤️

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