For a girl who loves flowers, I sure wasn’t born with a green thumb! Gardening is a skill I’ve always admired but have never quite had the time to commit to. Between planting and watering to treating soil and weeds, it’s a lot to keep up with! Luckily, the Click & Grow Smart Indoor Garden that I got from Best Buy Canada has made everything easier.


We’ve all seen house plants. You know, those withering cacti and that sad, old ficus by the door. Well, the Click & Grow Smart Indoor Garden is foolproof. This smart planter uses sophisticated built-in sensors to ensure your plants have the right amount of water, light, and nutrients for long term health and growth. No more guess work when it comes to where to store your flowery friends or how much water they need to survive. The Click & Grow Garden is self-watering and provides the optimum environment for your plants and foods to thrive, even under novice care! Designed for indoor use, the portable garden brings life into any room of your home. Simply plug in your planter and enjoy some added greens or fresh, ready-to-pick herbs right in your kitchen!


So how does it work? The planter comes with a full-spectrum LED light arm designed to provide perfect conditions. “Smart Soil” gives your plant babies ample oxygen and nutrients to sustain into adulthood. If you’ve got kids, this is the perfect introduction into gardening. I love watching my daughter Kensington’s eyes widen with excitement when we pick herbs from our homemade garden in the mornings! Plus, the Smart Soil technology balances oxygen and pH levels with zero additives, pesticides, GMOs, fungicides, or hormones, so I know any foods I plant are safe for consumption!


In addition to the white plastic planter and detachable LED light arm, the Click & Grow also comes with 9 starter capsules to get you going and growing! You’ll receive 3 basil capsules, 3 lettuce capsules, and 3 tomato capsules to start. With over 7,000 plants tested over the last 9 years, creators have determined that Click & Grow plants contain up to 600% more vitamins and can grow 30% faster than average. The Click & Grow Smart Indoor Garden is the self-sustainable solution to all my gardening dreams! As a bonus, my salads are better and fresher than ever!


This blog post was created in partnership with Best Buy Canada. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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